Working at JLT

Our Culture

At JLT SA, we believe in being different. Most companies claim to be different on very little evidence, but we’ve got the facts to prove it. We believe we distinguish ourselves by:

  • Being totally client focused and oriented
  • Having deep-rooted specialist skills, knowledge and expertise
  • Encouraging a collaborative work ethic - amongst our staff and with our clients
  • Being motivated by results, and always working towards clearly specified goals with measurable outputs

All our clients, suppliers and, of course, our people appreciate and value these distinctive attributes, which are in fact the interwoven values of JLT's DNA.

Our People

People who join JLT SA, be it from university, a competitor, or another industry entirely, come to us and stay because of our culture.

JLT has its own personality, one that is entrepreneurial, intelligent and passionate. We value people who are driven, thorough and are dedicated to putting the client first. As a team, we value the spirit of working together, and our positive energy makes us personable, genuine and accessible to our clients.

Diversity and Inclusion

JLT SA recognises the importance of maintaining a workplace that is culturally diverse and inclusive, and allows each employee to be treated with respect and dignity.

As part of a global company, and as a South African company, we place a high importance on our ability to understand, embrace and operate in a multicultural environment – both with our clients and our employees.