'Financial Wellness' in the workplace has become a buzz word for companies that understand the impact that financial strain has on a work force. On offer from JLT is a complete and customised financial wellness programme providing financial coaching solutions and group financial training interventions for employees.

financial training

The overarching aim is a workforce of employees that are financially more literate and therefore empowered to make informed financial decisions. 

F.I.T. - Financial Intelligence Training is JLT's solution to the challenges facing the average South African employee in today's economic and social climate, and the impact these challenges have on the workforce and employers alike.

Our programme is designed to address and overcome these challenges as we believe that by offering proactive financial wellness solutions, any employee that earns an income will benefit from engaging with the F.I.T. programme.

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Download the full F.I.T. brochure for a comprehensive overview of what you can gain from this programme.

financial intelligence training brochure