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Click here if you'd like to watch the video of Andrew's presentation, or download the full presentation here

We at JLT EB always put our clients first. We pride ourselves on our entrepreneurial culture, our ability to go beyond the norm and deliver intelligent solutions and advice to our clients. We also recognise that our people are the driving force of our success, and we strive to create an environment that promotes innovation, passion and dedication in everything that we do.

As our clients' success is our success, we arranged for renowned international speaker, entrepreneur and founder of Habits at Work, Andrew Sykes, to present an inspiring talk to our clients on what it takes to be a High Performance Employer.

We'd like to thank our clients for spending time with us on the 7th March 2017 at the Bryanston Country Club in Johannesburg, and we believe that Andrew Sykes' presentation was both informative and inspiring and will prove valuable for our clients' businesses. 

Below are some key points we took away from Andrew's presentation that we'd like to share with you:

  • High Performance Employer has Thriving Employees
  • Thriving Employees are: HealthyHappy; and Secure (as a result of investment in their life success)
  • A core set of Pivotal Habits are required to develop these drivers of high performance
  • To support any habit, especially Pivotal Habits, one requires the habit creation formula: Capability + Motivation is greater than Barriers + Temptation. This formula must hold true in all four life contexts: The Self, Social, Spaces, and Systems
  • Employers are uniquely placed to support employees in addressing financial security, the lack of which ultimately effects the employer. Employers that solve this challenge enjoy the rewards that come from financially secure employees